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Portfolio Manager will default your Baseline Year to the first 12-month period for which you have data. Total Number of Residential (Living) Units The Total Number of Residential Living Units is a count of all individual residential living units orapartments, including both occupied and unoccupied units. If you have multiple electric meters tracking demand, only one meters monthly value will be equal to the Annual Maximum Demand. a href"m/hc/en-us/articles/ " target blank" (see this FAQ for more possible terms). Br / br / The energy star score for K-12 School does not apply to preschool or day care buildings; in order to classify as K-12 school, more than 75 of the students must be in kindergarten or older. br/ br/ All property types can use irrigated area to help manage your outdoor water use, by tracking your outdoor water per square foot of your property is in the design phase, use your best estimate for the intended irrigated area when the property. Design Site Energy See Site Energy. Temp Title Temp Text. li /ul Date Meter became Active - Date Meter became Inactive The b Date Meter became Active /b and b Date Meter became Inactive /b correspond to the life of a meter. br / br / Gross Floor Area should include all space within the building(s including the main casino floor/gaming area, restaurants/bars, retail areas, administrative/office space, mechanical rooms, storage areas, elevator shafts, and stairwells. Plant Flow Rate Meter A plant flow rate meter applies to Wastewater Treatment Plants and Drinking Water Treatment and Distribution Plants. Review /strong - Your application is under review. The intent of this Guiding Principle is to: br / Establish operational performance goals for energy, water, material use and recycling, and indoor environmental quality, and ensure incorporation of these goals throughout the remaining lifecycle of the building. Emissions are reported in four categories, each is available as a total amount in metric tons (Metric Tons CO2e) or as an intensity value in kilograms per square foot (kgCO2e/ft2 br / br Emissions /strong Direct Emissions are emissions associated with onsite fuel combustion (e.g. Water/Wastewater Source EUI See a href SourceEnergy" Source Energy /a. High School High School is entered as either Yes. If a facility is designed to provide nursing and assistance to seniors only, then the Senior Care Community property type should be Floor Area should include all fully-enclosed space within the exterior walls of the building(s) including individual rooms or units, wellness centers, exam rooms. strong em Do not any exterior spaces such as pedestrian walkways or vehicle parking areas. Br / br / The 1-100 scale is set so that 1 represents the worst performing buildings and 100 represents the best performing buildings. HDD is calculated in this way for each day of the year and summed up to get the total annual Degree Days (CDD) /strong - Literally CDD is the equivalent number of days you would have to cool your building by 1 degree to accommodate. You should only include MRIs that are permanently at the property, which may include machines present in a mobile trailer strong em only if /em /strong the mobile trailer is present for 10 or more months. The Gross Floor Area should strong em not any exterior portions of the facility, such as retention or settling ponds. Site Energy /strong The estimated energy associated with a design project.

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This number should match your Property GFA Self-Reported. It is equal to the highest months value measured by one of your meters. Two options are permitted: br / ul li If energy used by non-IT equipment is measured, then you can subtract the non-IT energy from the total UPS energy, and enter the remainder into your UPS Output Meter. Number of Cash Registers Number of Cash Registers is the total number of cash registers. Transportation Terminal/Station Transportation Terminal/Station applies to buildings used primarily for star casino online inline casino accessing public or private transportation. The intent of this Guiding Principle is to: br / Use integrated pest management techniques as appropriate to minimize pesticide usage. The specific level of redundancy will depend on your particular Data Center. You can use the following Alerts to spot check your properties for the most common errors that cause metrics to show as "N/A." Center does not have an IT Meter /b - If you have a Data Center, then you need to also have. star casino online inline casino


Portfolio Manager requires that the sum of these three values equal your Total Number of Residential Living Units: ul li b Number of Residential Living Units in a Low-rise (1-4 stories) /b This includes all units located in individual buildings that are 1. Biogenic fuels cooper test world record are combusted onsite, but do not contribute to direct Emissions /strong Total Emissions is the sum of Direct Emissions and Indirect Emissions. Design Source Energy See Source Energy.

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